The Wolf Pack Classroom Management Plan

by: Janis Gioia

What is theWolf Pack Plan?


About The Wolf Pack Classroom Management Plan

Have you ever thought about how the emotions your students bring to school affect your classroom? Even when students aren’t acting out, anger, anxiety and sadness, as well as many other emotions, play a big role in what your students learn and how effective you are as a teacher.

Think about it?
  • A child angry about being teased on the school bus is not going to come into your classroom ready to learn.
  • A child afraid of being bullied at recess is probably not paying attention to a math lesson at 11:30 am.
  • A child, upset and losing sleep over his parent’s divorce, is not very motivated to make a bar graph on his classmates’ favorite foods.

Unmet social and emotional needs affect your teaching and the ability of your students to succeed.

What can you do about it?

Use the Wolf Pack Classroom Management Plan. This innovative system for PreK-3rd grade teachers:

  • Helps teachers meet the social and emotional needs of children.
  • Encourages pro social behaviors in a cooperative community, based on the social habits of wolves.
  • Creates a nurturing, fun classroom environment.
  • Provides teachers with adorable classroom-ready materials: Games, Awards, Lesson Plans and Parent and Student letter and questionnaires.
  • Promotes a caring classroom that helps children relax, learn and succeed.

What's Inside theWolf Pack Plan

The Plan

The introduction

Where Do You Begin?

Before School Begins
Pack Rules...

Elements and Routines

Greeting Ceremony
Leader of the Pack...

Meeting the Needs

New Cub in the Pack
Lone Wolf...

Activities and Plans

Wolf Detective
Lesson Plans...

Reproducibles Section

Congratulations, You're Making Tracks!
Howl Fantastic! ...

The most important things a teacher can teach are not measured on a test or recorded on a report card.

The Wolf Pack Classroom Management PlanEndorsements

Having observed The Wolf Pack Classroom Management Plan in Janis Gioia’s classroom, I can vouch for the validity, usefulness and practicality of the program. The Wolf Pack Classroom Management Plan is written in a clear, concise style. The concept of the plan is easily understood. The good advice on how to begin and continue the program is practical and valuable. There is enough structure to provide guidance and enough flexibility to allow each teacher to adapt the program to his/her own style.

Rosemary Kosak Gulick
Parma City School District (Retired)
Teacher (29 years) Administrator (11 Years)
Director of Curriculum and Instruction
Ohio Teacher of the Year
Parma City School District School Board Member
Author of Read-A-Rhyme activity series published by Creative Teaching Press

The Wolf Pack Classroom Management Plan is a fun, creative, unique technique. It has many well-developed, thorough ideas that young children will respond to positively. The lesson plans and reproducibles are great resources.

Gail T. Eichman, PhD
Assistant Professor of Education
Baldwin-Wallace College
Berea, Ohio

As a principal of a K-3 school, one of my major responsibilities is to make sure that my staff is creating a positive, collaborative and safe environment for the students. The Wolf Pack Classroom Management Plan enables the practitioner to do exactly that. From the beginning of the book through its great reproducibles, it offers a concise and creative way to enhance any classroom environment.

Eva O’Mara
Highland Drive Elementary
Brecksville, OH

The Wolf Pack Classroom Management Plan is a very clever and cute way to use classroom organization techniques and strategies. The book includes useful materials that can be used throughout the year in your classroom. My students loved the wolf characters included in this book.

Jacqueline M. Pepe
Beachwood, New Jersey
First grade teacher
H.C. Johnson School – Jackson, New Jersey

I really enjoyed this book and found it to be one of the best classroom resources for managing behavior that I have ever seen! I really liked the theme of teamwork and I think the wolf incentives in the back are helpful. Also, as a recent student teacher I would recommend this to any new teachers.

Hayley Weiss
Allen Park, Michigan
Pre-Kindergarten Teacher
Artstart Preschool and Kindergarten

As a building administrator, I find The Wolf Pack Classroom Management Plan has some positive and unique characteristics. The program combines many of the strongest classroom management techniques, such as cooperative learning, positive reinforcement, and time out in a unique plan. Using the wolf pack idea makes the plan unique in that it takes a template from nature and adapts it into the classroom. The teacher could implement the wolf pack idea as narrowly as possible or enhance it as broadly as possible by studying wolves and their habitats in depth. Introducing the plan before the school year begins leads to building good communications with parents and students and encourages excitement and interest in the upcoming year. The Wolf Pack Classroom Management Plan would be simple to implement for a teacher at any experience level and fun to work with.

Cheryl Kammerzell
Colfax, Washington
Principal – Steptoe School – Steptoe, Washington

I love the cartoon and realistic wolf reproducibles the WPCMP provides. The activities and lesson plans showed that this management plan can be instituted quickly and easily – an important piece for busy teachers! Best of all, this management plan includes all children all of the time. As an educator and mother, I appreciate that.

Dawn Katona
Parma, Ohio
First Grade Teacher
Emerson Elementary - Lakewood, OH

The Wolf Pack Classroom Management Plan gives a child a sense of ownership and a sense of responsibility. Its activities help give a child positive self-esteem and it helps them become more of a team member. It is very good for cooperative learning. The wolf theme really gives the child ownership. What a wonderful idea!

Cathy A. Cochran
Richmond, Indiana
Kindergarten Teacher
Seton Catholic School – Richmond, Indiana

The Wolf Pack Classroom Management Plan is filled with helpful guidance for present and future educators. The information provided is not only educational inside the classroom, but outside as well. The relationship between the wolf pack’s journey and the voyage to successful classroom management is inspirational.

Mimi Vitello
Elementary Education Student
Youngstown, Ohio

I feel it is very important for our children to feel safe, secure and accepted, and at the same time that they work together toward common goals in learning and behavior. I feel that all of the ideas, lessons and reproducibles are great. I loved the book and I would recommend all teachers use The Wolf Pack Classroom Management Plan!

Carlette Duray
North Royalton, Ohio
4-5 Year Olds Teacher
Stages Child Care Center – Brunswick, Ohio

The Wolf Pack Classroom Management Plan
by: Janis Gioia

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the Wolf Pack Classroom Management Plan
The Wolf Pack Classroom Management Plan

Janis Gioia
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the Wolf Pack Classroom Management Plan

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